Friday, December 28, 2007

"All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teef"

Haha! Izzy lost 2 bottom teef! Techie dog remembers when his teef were little and used to fall out. Oh no, does this mean she will soon have big ones to bite my tail with? aaah!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh No! Antlers again!!!

Oh no! What's this I see on top of my head? Why does this happen to me every Christmas?

I mean seriously mom, why do you have to go and make such a haaandsome Techie dog look so silly and goofy!!?

I am sooo embarrassed!!!

For some reason, Christmas antlers make Techie dog go cross-eyed!

...and Izzy too! Haha she looks funny! (Hope I don't look as dumb as her!)

If I don't blog again before the 25th, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, FELIZ NAVIDAD! Whatever you celebrate, may your holidays be joyful time with family and friends and may you get all the squeaky toys and doggie treats your wagging tail desires!
Woof from Izzy and Techie dog!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas fools!

Mom and Mr. Man are CHRISTMAS FOOLS! Don't believe me? Check this out!

Mom had already gotten this lot of Christmas socks (ayayay). You know, she actually wore them at work! No shame. Techie dog embarrassed!

So then apparently, she didn't have enough, and last night she and Mr. Man went out buying MORE Christmas socks!!! Those two are really nuts. Remind me next time I go walkies to walk in front of them so people don't know I'm mom's doggy! The shame!

And it gets know Mr. Man put on the socks and mom was like, "ooh let me take a pic!" (Techie dog shaking his head) And then he even put them on for work today!!! Those two deserve each other. Techie dog is stuck with Christmas nut cases!

Of course, mom wasn't content until she harassed Techie dog with the socks!

Isn't this some form of animal cruelty? Is there a Toll Free number I can call to report this?
Not even Izzy was immune to the harassment. Ayayaya...anyone else out there getting Christmas torture and sillyness overdoses from their parents?

Techie dog got "Best Friends Award!"

Pretty Emma and the Canine Kids sent Techie dog an award! Thank you sooo much! Here are the details of the award: "Life is like Hell without FRIENDS. Its ‘World Best Friend Week’. Send this to your best friends to let them know you appreciate them. Techie dog would like to send one to his friends Aussie and HB, in hopes that Aussie will wuv him and not growl anymore. Big wet kisses for Emma and the Crew!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Tree complete!

Mom decided to finish off the tree tonight...first she put the "berries" (because she doesn't like tinsel).

Then when all the ornaments were on, she made Techie dog pose (of course she did!) Mom said that 90% of the ornaments on the tree are hand made by her, my grandma, and aunties. Cool!

Izzy doesn't know how to "stay" was a little harder to get her to pose hehe!

But finally got an almost decent shot of her keeping still hehe...

And now here is Techie dog in the darkness, concentrating and sending psychic messages to Santa Paws to pweeze bring me lots of nice edibles for Christmas!

Christmas Tree!

Mom finally got around to putting up our tree...she usually puts it up EARLY, but this year she was lazy she started by sweeping the floor and moving furniture around...then tree time...

Techie dog was interested in the fuzzy prickly said nooo Techie, so all I could do was watch her...

Izzy was a good girl...she sat with Techie dog and just watched and didn't try to eat the tree...

We waited and waited...booring, mom you taking too long! We chewed on Binkie a bit, but got bored again waiting for this tree to go up....

Finally, we dozed off because tree was STILL not up...we didn't even notice when mom took out the lights and started putting them around the tree...

Ta daaah!! The tree's finally up with the lights and tree skirt (that mom's mom crochet for her) it will just take her another 5 years to put up the ornaments and angel (ouch! mom bopped my head). I wonder if Izzy will try to eat the ornaments hehehe.

Puppy disaster #1 Izzy had her first puppy oopsy...she was running around and knocked over Mr. Planty (the only plant mom hasn't been able to kill yet)

There was soil all over the place...luckily the pot didn't break, only the little saucer thing. When Techie dog was little, me decided to dig up the mattress on mom's bed...oh and me chewed mom's new expensive glasses! (hehehe me good now though!)
Anyone else have naughty puppy stories?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vet trip!

Izzy & Techie dog went to the vet on Saturday. Me needed my yearly shots and Izzy needed something to control her temper...(mom says: DISTEMPER, silly)

So this is Izzy on vet asked Mr. Man to take pics...I think Techie dog must have been pulling on him because sooo blurry! Izzy was good girl, didn't cry or bite mr. vet man...

So then it was Techie dog's turn, and me was verrry good (of course) and I left the vetty man a nice present of hair all over his table...So then we left the vet office and Mr. Man heard a weird noise in his Jeep, oh noooo...and he said something about his steering feeling hard...and then something broken oh we parked the Jeep and had to walk. Mom didn't mind (she likes to walk) and Techie dog is a great walker...but Mr. Man was tired (aww hehe). Was a pretty walk through the park and Techie dog and Izzy saw birds!!!

So then when we got home, Mr. Man had to make call to mechanic....poor Jeepy

It was a rainy wet day, and Techie dog got dirty (see my toes!) and my belly left nice dirt patches on mom's white floor.

And Mr. Man was wearing black shirt and got Izzybella hair all over him hehehehe!

And even on his chin!! Look, he trying to grow fur on his chin haha, maybe so mom loves him as much as Techie dog? He sneaky!! Well that was my weekend adventure, Woof!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Techie & Izzy have been tagged - cool!

Sparky, Ginger and Crikit tagged us today!!
Here's the Rules

Link to your tagger and post these rules:
List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself.Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them ). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs okay?

Here is listing them for me:

1) Techie does not know how to growl properly. He sorta grunts and huffs; he's way to gentle!
2) Middle name is "scrunchiebutt" because he swallowed hair scrunchie when he was 1 and almost died.
3) Loves people, loves animals, loves ANYTHING...wouldn't hurt a fly. Let a cat terrorize him.
4) Was afraid of Humphrey Bogart (cockerspaniel) who was too aggressive toward him, and we had to give him away to Jaime.
5) Lets Izzy chew on him for ages before he gets annoyed.
6) ADORES raw carrots
7) Loves it when i let him sleep in my bed, and pretends to instantly fall asleep in case i change my mind.
8) Humps my boyfriend when he's jealous hehe.

Okkk now who will i tag!!? Aussie & Humphrey B., Prince, Rossi
, Charlie, The Canine Kids, Helios and Herbie, Homer, Spencer

How embarassing....

Mom just found pics of Techie dog last year....ayayay

Reindeer antlers of cliche mom!! Oh the humiliation...I only look happy here because mom gave me nice bone bone to chew...

Here I am taking out frustration on bone...see the madness in my face grrrr. Who knows what humiliation is in store for me THIS year!!!

Christmas Memories...

It is well known around here that Techie dog's mom and her family are CRAZY, NUTS, WHACKO about Christmas...I mean, they make ornaments all year and want to sing carols from OCTOBER ayayay. Anyway, here is the first inevitable (yes, Techie dog knows big words) Christmas post...
Old Christmas photo #1: Ok so here was mom, kinda chubby that year...OUCH mom bopped my head. Anyway, as Techie dog was saying, this was us around 2002 so I guess Techie dog was just 2 years old awwww...And mom had no gray hairs hehe...ouch moooom!!

Old Christmas photo #2: this was mom and Techie dog about 3 years ago...see my face is nice and yellow, no white hairs yet...and mom was still in her 20's hahahah. bopped me on head.Old Christmas Photo #3: See I'm annoyed...always with this camera, ever since I was born ayayay. Guess I have to get used to it because I'm so handsome...Note the stolen ornament by my foot...ayayay I got scolded. I never steal ornaments now.

This is the first ornament mom made so far this year. She's behind, she better start crafting fast! Oh and most of the ornaments on the tree are made by mom and her family, and grandma crocheted the tree skirt....ayayay ok that's enough of Christmas for now...I'm sure she'll make us pose when our tree is put up for this year...sigh :-)

Izzy likes the rain (weird dog)

Techie's note: I think too many posts are about Izzy. Will discuss this matter with mom!!!
What a rainy day! Mom says that Techie dog's supposed to be a WATER dog, but I hate getting bathed and I don't like the rain and wet grass on my tootsies. I pee, and run straight back inside...but Izzy is W E I R D...she loves water! She even sits in my water bowl!

See how she runs happy in the heavy wet rain? She was running round and round and rouuuuuund...

Mom called her to come in, but she was too busy runnnnning....

Look at that wet face!! Wet chiiiiiickkkkeeeen!!!!

Izzy growing

This was Izzy on her first day home with us. See how little and short her snouty nose was?

And look today, a month later...her snouty nose is looking nice and long like Techie dog's...

Look at those innocent eyes...Don't let them fool you!! Izzy naughty and bites Techie dog's tail and steals my toys...but she's lucky she's cute

Monday, November 19, 2007

Burr Burrs!

Techie dog made mom laugh this morning...

....went to pee in the bushes (i'm shy) and came back with sticky burr burrs all over my head! Haha, I have to admit, I look funny.

So mom said "wait right there" and came back with camera (of course), so I had to do poses. I'm so handsome, even with burr burrs!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Balancing a french fry MMmm

See how hard Techie Dog concentrates!! Looking at mom, waiting for the signal...waiting...waiting

Mom says "OK!" and I flip the fry into my mouth. Doesn't Techie dog look fierce here? Grrr fry, you are MINE!!!