Monday, October 29, 2007

Izzy's bath - haha!

Ha ha! Izzy had to go bath! Techie dog rolling with laughter.

Ha ha ha! Look at her all wet and silly. Techie dog glad he got bath already!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday morning in the garden

So this morning, mom gave Techie dog (not Izzy!) a chewchew, and Izzy came to investigate. Don't she know her little mouth can't chew hard things yet?

So then she chased Techie dog all around the garden, how rude!

The nerve! She stole the chewchew and ran away!

But it's okay, cuz Techie dog stronger and faster and got it back! MMMmm!
Mom says: he's so good and gentle with Izzy

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday morning

Techie dog and Izzy had nice breakfast. (My bowls are cuter than hers haha).

Then we went to play wif bunny outside in the sunshine. Aaah feels good on my fur.

Then Izzy dog did her business outside. Good dog mom says. Hmph, Techie dog been doing his outside for YEARS.

In the garden at night

Techie dog hiding. See me peeping through? Izzy looking for me.

Found me! (Don't think she can fit through that hole for very long!)

Friday, October 26, 2007


See how Izzy goes GGRrrr!? Techie dog can't make that noise!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is MOM. I am happy to report that Techie seems to have accepted Izzy. He is so gentle with her and seems very interested. Izzy already seems to recognize grass as the accepted surface for potty time, even though she still has a few accidents. It's only day 2 and she's just a baby, so she's off to a great start.

Izzybelle comes home!

Yeaaay baby's home. Look she's so cute.

I hope mom doesn't wuv her more than Techie dog!

Aww Izzy wuv me too. See the kisses?

Techie dog likes Izzy's pink furry bone. See how we played!? More pics tonight. Mom say she tired. Izzy slept mostly well, but still had mom up to take her peeing. Techie dog is sleepy too. Bye! Woof.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Balancing trick again. Techie dog's PAWsome!

Another morning, another balancing act. Techie dog looking cross eyes at bone hehe. Not so sure I can balance it...Ears are back because I worried.

Mom points at bone and says waiiiiit...Techie dog understand now. Ears relax and me keep still and wait...

Mom says okaaaaaaaaaay and Techie dog flips bone and eats mmm. Doggy cookie! Me such a good boy!

Techie as a Puppy!

Mom was getting all maternal (dogternal) since new puppy coming on TUESDAY now, so she went to find pics of Techie dog when me was little. Look, that’s me as a puppy! Techie dog was (and is) SO CUTE!
I still do that sad little face to get stuff from mom. Pleaaase mama!

Aww see little black shiny pads. Mom says: Cute overload here!

See how tiny Techie dog was! (and how young mom was 7 years ago hahaha). Mom says: I may have white hair (thank you Clairol hair dye) but your face has gone white too Techie! Shhhh mom!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Puppy this weekend?

Oh my Dog! This thing (Izzy) might be coming home tomorrow. Mom not sure since vet having car trouble. Good thing for Techie dog. More time to be best loved doggie in house! She kinda cute but I bet she bites Techie dog and steals my stuff. Hmm...but Monstah and Teddybear too big for her to steal right now. Good! Maybe I be a good doggie and share (maybe not!).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pawtrait of my friend Aussie

Look what mom gave Mr. Man for his birthday! A painting of Aussie dog. Aussie dog isn't sure that he likes me yet, but I'm so handsome and charming, I'm sure he'll come around.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Izzy got a pretty pink collar!

Look what mom bought for Izzy today – a pretty pink collar (I want one!). Hmm mom why don’t I have a nice collar like this? Mom: Because I haven’t found one cool enough for you to wear. Oh well, see what mom DID get me? These cheesy (but sorta cool) graphixxxx!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Read this mom!

"If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater...suggest that he wear a tail." - Fran Lebowitz

Balancing again, oh the indignity

First thing in morning, and Techie dog just had brekkie and now mom harassing me with this balancing thing again. Ok mom, hurry so I can go kill teddybear.Mom thinks she's clever using topical objects on my head. I smiling because even tho this is a dumb trick, Techie dog makes everything look cool.

Breakfast time

My mom said I was getting skinny, so she started adding canned food ALL THE TIME to my kibble. (Yesss, my evil plan is now complete).Ohhh smells gooood. Hurry mom! Techie dog is hungry!Yummm. Mom says I already look like I'm putting on some weight. Hope i don't get fat. (Don't know what fat is, but mom always worries about her butt getting fat and it sounds scary). Mom says: thanks Techie, tell the world. I don't think Techie dog butt fat...just fuzzy!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Balancing things on my head Part 1. (aka mom is an idiot sometimes)

Mom saw doggy (hi Amber!) balancing things on her head, so now thinks Techie dog must do the same. These humans are pains sometimes. I guess my fault for being so smart and magnificent. Ok so here is first random object she grabbed from desk - memory card. Sigh, let the humiliation begin...
There goes Techie dog's "street cred." Hope you all know she MADE me do it. No joy, no fun. Ok so I get big praise and maybe a treat, but still have to complain (oh no, turning into mom. She likes complaining!)

Long weekend, Techie is dog tired (and witty) haha!

First I get comfy with ANOTHER NEW TOY, yeay! Teddybear is nice. Fun to kill him. I'm such a rabid creature. Mom says: as rabid as a frilly fairy. Hey mooom! No respect!
Silly mom and Mr. Man distracting Techie dog. Ahhh comfy corner feels better. Night everyone. Have a Pawfect evening!

Puppy? What? Nooo!

EMERGENCY! Mom says this thing is coming to live with us next Sunday. Techie dog is very worried. Last month she bought home different nippy yippy small thing. Techie dog was afraid and so Mr. Man took him home (hi Humphrey). Vet says Techie will love little girl dog. She's a retriever too, but a hairy scary one - a golden retriever. Techie dog says mom gone crazy. Would call nut house but then who would give Techie cheese? Will cross paws that Izzy behaves and "respects mah authoritay." Maybe she turns out sweet. Mom says: Izzy will stay no matter what, she is expensive. You will learn to love her, give her a chance. Maybe Techie dog wuffs her? Hmm wimmin, heard about them, never seen one. We see sooon!

Tripito in the Jeep!

Ok maybe Mr. Man isn't such a thorn in my furry side. He says to mom, let's take Techie for a RIDE (If anyone's reading this, i'm okay with people buying my love through treats and stuff like this. Hint, hint!) Yesss. Techie dog loves cars. Let's goooo!
So pleased! Mr. Man doing good. I still stick out my tongue behind his back. Makes Techie dog feel better. Mom sees me and laughs and sticks her tongue out too. Mr. Man didn't see. We so sneaky (but Techie's cuter, I'm sure you all agree).Pretty sunset to end the ride. Techie dog appreciates the aesthetics and wonder of nature. (Don't know what that means, mom told me to type it). Happy lintrolling!

R.I.P. Sausage Chicken

Look at poor sausage chicken! Mom says I can't play no more with him. Why? Because Mr. Man was playing tuggy and mom says nooo tuggy will break toy, and Mr. Man didn't listen. Mom saying: Men never listen Techie. . For once mom says something Techie dog agrees with. What will Techie Dog do now? What can he playkill or cuddle at night! (Do sausage chickens go to heaven?)JOY! ELATION! Mom gave Techie dog a thing she called Mike Wazkowski. I call it monstah! Ohh feels good in my snout. See me smile my happy smile? (Mike not so happy hehe).
Hmm. Monstah still smiling...must kill him some more. Thanks for monstah mom!

Weekend Neglect Again!!!

It's the weekend again, and that means only one thing. HIM!
Yes! How can mom choose this over handsome Techie? He doesn't have luxurious golden fuzz (tho i see he's trying to grow something on his face). He doesn't know how to balance things on his nose like Techie dog does (he drools and makes mess when eating like Techie tho). Techie mad (and jealous).
See how she leaves me all alone? Techie wants out too! This is so not cool with Techie dog.
They go out and eat and don't save anything nice to give me. Mean humans! Must work on my cuteness to get more attention from mom, or else start biting mr. man when he visits.

Basket of Goodies

Mom was cleaning house and put all my toys in basket. Hmm...I need new toys. She says she'll wash sausage chicken. Nooooooo!!! Baths=bad! (I know)Hmm...let me much to choose from. Will prob. take them all out when mom's not looking (shh).

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Behold...the Sausage Chicken

"Help me!"This is sausage chicken. Love him like a wolf loves his dinner but I still cuddle him at night.See the look of murder in my eyes. No mom, you have your own (boring) toys!
Tastes like chicken hahaha. Sorry, bad human joke. Squeaks. Do chickens squeak? Neat!