Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vet trip!

Izzy & Techie dog went to the vet on Saturday. Me needed my yearly shots and Izzy needed something to control her temper...(mom says: DISTEMPER, silly)

So this is Izzy on vet asked Mr. Man to take pics...I think Techie dog must have been pulling on him because sooo blurry! Izzy was good girl, didn't cry or bite mr. vet man...

So then it was Techie dog's turn, and me was verrry good (of course) and I left the vetty man a nice present of hair all over his table...So then we left the vet office and Mr. Man heard a weird noise in his Jeep, oh noooo...and he said something about his steering feeling hard...and then something broken oh we parked the Jeep and had to walk. Mom didn't mind (she likes to walk) and Techie dog is a great walker...but Mr. Man was tired (aww hehe). Was a pretty walk through the park and Techie dog and Izzy saw birds!!!

So then when we got home, Mr. Man had to make call to mechanic....poor Jeepy

It was a rainy wet day, and Techie dog got dirty (see my toes!) and my belly left nice dirt patches on mom's white floor.

And Mr. Man was wearing black shirt and got Izzybella hair all over him hehehehe!

And even on his chin!! Look, he trying to grow fur on his chin haha, maybe so mom loves him as much as Techie dog? He sneaky!! Well that was my weekend adventure, Woof!

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Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, sooo much hair! Poor Mr.Man. Sooo funny! bet you Izzy & Techie were in yuor best behavior. I hate being at the vets becoz of a bad experience I had last time.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer