Sunday, December 13, 2009

Welcome Home (AGAIN) Techie

Techie's intelligent and troublesome son, Techie Junior (TJ) let his dad out of the yard again on Friday. TJ came home, but of course Techie decided he'd stay out and depress me when I was trying to study for my final exam. We drove around for hours trying to locate him, but to no avail. I was especially sad in the morning when Mia was asking for the "wow wow" and I didn't write my exam with as much enthusiasm as I'm known for.

An email had been sent to the Belmopan Humane Society, who circulated it amongst their members. Later on Saturday afternoon, two lovely people saw him hanging out in the street near home and scooped him up and brought him back to me. Thank you so much. Not many people would want to put a stinky, shedding dog in their vehicle. You've made a little girl (and her mom and dad) happy!

Let me just say, Belmopan Humane Society ROCKS!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Near Death Naughty Syndrome

Techie has decided that since he almost died, he is going to be naughty because life is so short. He's started headbutting the bedroom door open (I had to put a hook and eye on it), darting out the front door when we're trying to leave, digging in the closet (again) and just being an all around ass**** LOL!

Monday, March 9, 2009

RIP little Dinky

Dinky belonged to my human grandma and she was at least 18 years old (if not more!) She passed on to doggy heaven this morning and we hope she'll say hello to Buster (the dog and the gingy cat), all the Ozzies especially Adam's little Ozzy (these people aren't very creative with names), Pippy, Taco, Tina, Rusty, Freddie and any other special animals we loved and lost.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Techie keeps licking at his stitches and is opening them up again, and with no e-collar available, we have resorted to these stylish teal pants. Thanks for the idea, Charlie! The pants are tied to his collar to stop them from falling down. I bet he's naked by the time I get home, though :-)

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Techie loves Teddy

This post is for you Barb, stop tormenting me to blog for Techie lol!

Here he is cozying up to his teddy that his grandma bought for him at the market. It looks like he's licked open his stitches again...does anyone have an e-collar in this country!!!??

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Monday, February 23, 2009


Techie seems to be recovering, but I'm still watchful over him. He has to see the vet this morning because he licked open his stitches!

It's amazing to me how fast he came back from the brink; I really hope he stays with me a few more years. I'm not ready for him to leave me yet :-)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Techie had emergency surgery today and a set of 2 baby socks was removed from his intestines!!

His liver and kidney damage aren't as bad as the Dr. thought, BUT he has severe infection of the intestine. The Dr. cut out the necrotic sections but the entire thing is bloody and infected so he is on strong antibiotics. It will be a watch and wait situation...please say a little doggy prayer for him to St. Francis or whoever you pray to. We love him so much :-(

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Techie's home from the vet. An enema was administered but nothing wanted to come out. It seems the obstruction is stuck right in the wazoo. I'm giving him mineral oil in the hopes that will help, but if by Sunday nothing comes out, then he has to have surgery on Monday :-(

Techie's very sick :-(

Techie has an obstruction in his tummy which caused liver issues. He's at the vet right now on a drip to hydrate him and give him antibiotics. We've been told to feed him mineral oil when he gets home, in the hopes of getting out whatever he has in there.

This is the 2nd time he's gotten so ill from eating things he shouldn't. In 2001 he swallowed a hair scrunchie (hence his middle name) and he didn't eat for 13 days, and the vet was treating him for tick fever ayayay. I woke one morning to find diarrhea all over the kitchen with a scrunchie in the center. After that he was fine. He's older now, though. Say a little doggy prayer to St. Francis that he gets better.

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