Friday, July 1, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spoils of WARRRR!

I'm currently at war with a Maus in the Haus, and have been baiting traps. Techie got to lick da spoon.

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Old Man Yeller

Here's a few snaps of Techie. The ones with my daughter were taken a year ago, and the photo of Techie alone was taken last weekend. He's silvering - Techie Clooney!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome Home Techie (Again...Again)

So, Techie ran away again. He's basically been holding a grudge since he was unceremoniously booted out of the house when my daughter started crawling. So, he was found again and I decided to grant him passage back to the inner sanctum to spend the rest of his years in comfort (if you forget about the 3yr old that will torment him).

Techie's 12, which means that he will be not be with us much longer (if you believe the breed statistics). I think he still has a few more good years with us! His eyes are clouding over, he walks a bit gingerly from age, but he's still the silly naughty puppy that I brought home with me so many years ago.

I went to the pet store and guilt-purchased $90 worth of stuff: dog bed, nylabone, shed-x shampoo and supplement (ok, those purchases are for my benefit haha).

My daughter seems over the moon to have him in the house, and so does Jaime. I'm publicly complaining of the hair already, but I'm so happy to have him :-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Welcome Home (AGAIN) Techie

Techie's intelligent and troublesome son, Techie Junior (TJ) let his dad out of the yard again on Friday. TJ came home, but of course Techie decided he'd stay out and depress me when I was trying to study for my final exam. We drove around for hours trying to locate him, but to no avail. I was especially sad in the morning when Mia was asking for the "wow wow" and I didn't write my exam with as much enthusiasm as I'm known for.

An email had been sent to the Belmopan Humane Society, who circulated it amongst their members. Later on Saturday afternoon, two lovely people saw him hanging out in the street near home and scooped him up and brought him back to me. Thank you so much. Not many people would want to put a stinky, shedding dog in their vehicle. You've made a little girl (and her mom and dad) happy!

Let me just say, Belmopan Humane Society ROCKS!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Near Death Naughty Syndrome

Techie has decided that since he almost died, he is going to be naughty because life is so short. He's started headbutting the bedroom door open (I had to put a hook and eye on it), darting out the front door when we're trying to leave, digging in the closet (again) and just being an all around ass**** LOL!