Sunday, October 14, 2007

R.I.P. Sausage Chicken

Look at poor sausage chicken! Mom says I can't play no more with him. Why? Because Mr. Man was playing tuggy and mom says nooo tuggy will break toy, and Mr. Man didn't listen. Mom saying: Men never listen Techie. . For once mom says something Techie dog agrees with. What will Techie Dog do now? What can he playkill or cuddle at night! (Do sausage chickens go to heaven?)JOY! ELATION! Mom gave Techie dog a thing she called Mike Wazkowski. I call it monstah! Ohh feels good in my snout. See me smile my happy smile? (Mike not so happy hehe).
Hmm. Monstah still smiling...must kill him some more. Thanks for monstah mom!

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