Sunday, October 14, 2007

Puppy? What? Nooo!

EMERGENCY! Mom says this thing is coming to live with us next Sunday. Techie dog is very worried. Last month she bought home different nippy yippy small thing. Techie dog was afraid and so Mr. Man took him home (hi Humphrey). Vet says Techie will love little girl dog. She's a retriever too, but a hairy scary one - a golden retriever. Techie dog says mom gone crazy. Would call nut house but then who would give Techie cheese? Will cross paws that Izzy behaves and "respects mah authoritay." Maybe she turns out sweet. Mom says: Izzy will stay no matter what, she is expensive. You will learn to love her, give her a chance. Maybe Techie dog wuffs her? Hmm wimmin, heard about them, never seen one. We see sooon!