Monday, October 15, 2007

Balancing again, oh the indignity

First thing in morning, and Techie dog just had brekkie and now mom harassing me with this balancing thing again. Ok mom, hurry so I can go kill teddybear.Mom thinks she's clever using topical objects on my head. I smiling because even tho this is a dumb trick, Techie dog makes everything look cool.


Aussie and Humphrey Reyes said...

Techie, this is your cousin Aussie. Yes I see your mom is having you do silly things. My dad better not try that or i'll eat his socks or find those harry potter books. Yes, so thanks for sending my lil bro this way. Humphrey at the moment is a little tooo high strung. I need to paw him sometimes but his fuzzy cocker spaniel but will be wiped into shape...hehe. Anyways techie its napppp timeeee. I need my beauty sleep. laterrr scrunchiebutt

Amber-Mae said...

Hehehehehe! You poor Techie... You know, when my mommy taught me this trick, at first I thought it was kind of cool. People are always impressed to see me do this trick. But after a while, my mommy kept making me do this trick almost every time before I can get my treat or food. It's annoying now... But I do it to make her happee!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer