Sunday, October 14, 2007

Balancing things on my head Part 1. (aka mom is an idiot sometimes)

Mom saw doggy (hi Amber!) balancing things on her head, so now thinks Techie dog must do the same. These humans are pains sometimes. I guess my fault for being so smart and magnificent. Ok so here is first random object she grabbed from desk - memory card. Sigh, let the humiliation begin...
There goes Techie dog's "street cred." Hope you all know she MADE me do it. No joy, no fun. Ok so I get big praise and maybe a treat, but still have to complain (oh no, turning into mom. She likes complaining!)


Mom said...

Aww Techie, you know you look soooo cute. Must find more things to balance on your head. Must show pics to EVERYONE i know!

Techie said...

Everyone! Hooooowwwwlllll!

Amber-Mae said...

Hey there Techie! Nice to meet you & thanks for visiting my bloggie. Hehehe, hoomans sometimes find ways to amuse themselves. I don't really like doing this trick that much but I d it to please my mommy Melissa.

Hey do you know Dogs With Blogs? There is where all we doggies become members. I have more than 100 friends now & I found them in DWB. There are more than 600 doggies from all over the world. If you visit their bloggy often, they will visit your too & you will have alot of friends before you know it.

Will add you as my friend. Hope you'll do the same thing too. See ya & have a nice day!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer