Friday, July 11, 2008

Chillin' on the Veranda with Dad

Hello fuzzybutts! Well, Mr. Man is living with us now so he is officially my new DAD! He said I can use his last name and everything. He's been pretty good this week, taking me for walks and catching me and izzy when we escaped the other day. He sneaks us treats as well, even though mom wouldn't approve, and lets me sleep on the bed. I guess he can stay :-)

I like to chill on the veranda in the cool mornings, while izzy runs about finding junk in the garden and rolling in the grass. Dad brought some outdoor chairs, and they sure look comfy...maybe they'll let me test one out this weekend. Would be a good pic mom, hint hint!

Dad has 2 doggies that live about 5 minutes away with his mom. A huuuge golden and a wittle bouncy cockerspaniel. Hopefully we'll all make good friends and can play together. Anyway, I'm gonna to and hump Dad's leg and rub hair over mom's burgundy sofa. Poor mom is working (loser! hehe).

--Paws Out--

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