Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday with mom

Today I decided to relax while mom cleaned the house all around me. I tried to blend into the curtains so that she would leave me alone to sleep - and it worked!! Good camouflage!

It rained a bit in the evening and Izzy found a froggy and was playing with it. See it running for its life on the right? Poor thing. Mom made her leave it alone and it hopped away into the darkness.

She's been reading a lot lately, and I guess the book must be good because it has WOLVES on the cover, and Techie dog was a wolf in his past life. I think it's a scawy book though, so I won't try and taste it. Izzy already tried another Stephen King last month, and she said it didn't taste so good and mom wasn't happy sweeping up the mess.

I'm posting this for mom, who thought it was funny. The message on TV station said "out of air" instead of "off the air." Mom thought it was hilarious. NERD!


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