Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome Home Techie (Again...Again)

So, Techie ran away again. He's basically been holding a grudge since he was unceremoniously booted out of the house when my daughter started crawling. So, he was found again and I decided to grant him passage back to the inner sanctum to spend the rest of his years in comfort (if you forget about the 3yr old that will torment him).

Techie's 12, which means that he will be not be with us much longer (if you believe the breed statistics). I think he still has a few more good years with us! His eyes are clouding over, he walks a bit gingerly from age, but he's still the silly naughty puppy that I brought home with me so many years ago.

I went to the pet store and guilt-purchased $90 worth of stuff: dog bed, nylabone, shed-x shampoo and supplement (ok, those purchases are for my benefit haha).

My daughter seems over the moon to have him in the house, and so does Jaime. I'm publicly complaining of the hair already, but I'm so happy to have him :-)

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