Thursday, May 29, 2008


This is Techie's mom, and my last post here before Techiedog takes over. I am so happy to tell you that after 5 days of crying, searching, posting fliers and general misery and depression (magnified by my pregnant hormones), my dog-child has come home!!!

I got the call in the late morning, that Techie was possibly found. I asked them to describe his personality, rather than his looks and they said he kept begging on his haunches and that he could lie down on command. The thing that really made me believe it was him was when they said that they can't open a car door without him jumping in. THAT is his main crack-cocaine - car rides!!!!

He was found 3 miles away from home at a resort, where some very nice people (including archaeology students - hi guys) were taking care of him. Techie runs away in style apparently. He was found by a river and taken across to the resort in a boat. In a boat!! hehehe. He was there for 2 days, when a flier was spotted here in town at a local ATM where it was posted. Funny thing is, we posted over 60 fliers over 3 days, but that was one of the first we put up hehe.

When we got to the resort he came to mr. man and I, and started barking and carrying on, and put his head straight in his leash with no problems and dragged me to the truck for the ride home.

Techie is healthy, but very skinny and his nose looks like he's had a few battles along the way. I bet he left a few broken hearted doggies along the way as well!! He was full of fleas (resort is in the jungle and there are lots of other animals including dogs , horses and MONKEYS there) so mr. man gave him a nice bath straight away.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me with calls, prayers and assistance - especially Jaime (mr. man) who was tireless in his efforts to find Techie, and gave me a nice strong (muscular) shoulder to cry, slobber and snot on. My baby and doggies have a good papa.


Davis, o nosso shar pei said...

Oh!poor nose!But I'm glad he was found!;-)Auuuf!!!!

Chris & Mackenzie said...


Wags - Chris & Mackenzie

Amber-Mae said...

YAY!!!! Welcome home you notty Techie Boy! You see, this what happens when you run away., You really gave your poor mom & dad a huge fright! Well, looks like you had a great adventure alone. Those scars on your nose looks bad & you do look quite skinny coz your face has sunken. Glad those people were very nice to rescue you & they were very generous to call your hoomans up & return you to them. I know many people are so selfish & cheap that they would not return people's dogs back. Your rescuers deserve a huge reward! Now, have you learned your lesson old man? Never ever run away from home ever again!!! Now go say sorry to your hoomans. Hehe!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer